Happy 2015!

Happy 2015

Honestly, since there has not been an update since September 2014, I should be saying, Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgivings, Merry and Happy EVERYTHING!

I know you can probably relate, life got really busy and now we are in a New Year filled with so much promise and opportunities!

Brillante Media, LLC turned ONE earlier in January and it has been a year of so many successes and growth, truthfully, I needed a few weeks to figure out what I wanted for my brand in 2015.

Every business person no matter how driven you are wants to take their business to the next level but sometimes figuring out that next level is confusing.

Some things to consider when planning strategically for your brand and business:

  • What do you LOVE doing?
  • Where are you making the most profits?

Do these items coincide? If not, you have some work to do!

Do not get overwhelmed, start small. Does not matter if you are a blogger, social media manager, corporate professional, CHECK your stats.

Take a personal and honest review of your brand and all your projects.

What was truly successful? What was a miserable loss? After each project you should have a lessons learned review. It can be a simple word document with notes of what worked, what did not and how you can improve the next project.

Next step?

Ask trusted team members to also review your projects and your bottom line.

Do you need to purchase some project management tools? Hire someone? Rework your strategy or focus on a new audience?

These reviews may seem painful but they are necessary especially for competing and updating your business plan. Click here for more info and my tips.

2015 is going TO BE AMAZING and I cannot WAIT to share it with you!

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