How Do I Get Invited To Events?

Image courtesy of Josh Hallett (@hyku) , the official photographer, for #DisneySMMMoms

Image courtesy of Josh Hallett (@hyku) , the official photographer, for #DisneySMMMoms

We had a great question come in from the Brillante Media Network; how do I get invented to events?

Great question, not a very easy answer.

Honestly, it all depends. Public Relation agencies, brands and event gate keepers are all looking at different factors.  Surprisingly it is not all about the numbers. Yes, you should have great influence and reach, however, you should also deliver on your end.  Whether it is a two hour event or a multi-day press trip you should know this is WORK!

Social Media makes it look so easy! We are all smiling, having a drink, first in line for an amazing opportunity and we take home a swag bag but it is so much more than that.

You were invited to hear about the new campaign and share key points to your audience by live tweeting and beautiful pictures and video.  So when you get an invite your first thought should not be, “am I available?” It should be, “does this fit my brand?”

Yes, brand! You are not just “a blogger” you are a social media influencer, better yet, you are a Brillante Media Influencer.

I remember when I first started I went to every single event I was invited to at the expense of my time and bank account. I was so excited and of course I wanted to post away on these great brands. However, one day I was posting on laundry detergent the next a new movie release and the next beauty products.  You want to become an expert and a total resource to your community so take a minute to refocus and realign what your blog mission is.

Also, do you have a real picture of you on your site along with your contact information?  You have no idea how many times, I have wanted to reach out to some up and coming bloggers and unable to find a picture of them or an email ANY WHERE on their site!!! Please make it easy for people who want to work with you.

Another huge tip for being selected for any opportunity? Invest in your brand!!!!

Set aside some budget and time for a stellar theme with great code that oozes professionalism and beauty.  If you do not spend money on yourself who is going to pay or invite you to represent their brand. Plus it is a tax write off?

Another great investment that is worth its weight in gold? Blogger conferences.

  • Attend blogger focused sessions with knowledge to succeed and take your brand to another level.
  • You will meet the face behind the brand and get a business card with all necessary contact information to get the relationship started.
  • You will grow your digital village and bond with other like-minded individuals who will strengthen your brand.


That is right!

Brillante Media has partnered with TWO AMAZING Conferences and I want you to join me!

Stay tuned for two separate giveaway sweepstakes opportunities!

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