Divina Rodriguez is an award-winning marketing professional with over 10 years of experience where she has brought in billions in new business for Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and Trumpeting Media.

She holds a Masters in Communication from Fairfield University and is president of Brillante Media, LLC, a strategic communication and new media consulting firm that helps businesses grow by leveraging the best in digital for return on investments.

The Brillante Media bilingual team plans and executes one of a kind marketing campaigns and events for brands and individuals who want to leverage digital platforms.

Specialties include brand content management and optimization, interactive marketing campaigns and media events.

In addition to Brillante Media, Divina is co-founder of DancingHotdogs.com ,a widely popular bilingual site, where she writes about entertainment, technology, family travel and products, as well as offers tips on unlocking the magic of Disney on theDisneyFiles.com.

Divina has been featured as an expert in  Latina Magazine, Parents Magazine, NBC Latino, Time To PlayMag, NY Metroparents, Red Tricycle New York and on panels of leading social media conferences.

Divina loves to connect so reach out to her at Divina.Rodriguez@BrillanteMedia.com, @DancingHotdogs or @BrillanteMedia  

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